Electric Car

EV charging, managing, account, linking renewable energy, FinTech, etc. holding technology of 8 main areas

  • Automatic docking
    system of EV
    Patent no. 12-14551
    Patent no. 12-61501
  • Automatic EV battery
    swapping system
    Patent no. 10-2014-0067398
    Patent no. 10-2014-0090477
  • EV charging history
    management system
    Patent no. 10-2015-0036514
  • Smart charging
    control system
    Patent no. 10-2015-003654
  • Finance and ICT Platform service
    of energy FinTech platform
    Payment, wire transfer, energy
    portfolio service, etc
  • TOC(Total Operation Center)
    Real-time monitoring, controlling,
    managing history
  • BIMP System
    Information system management
    of demand enterprise, payment,
    VoC, etc managements
  • Linking renewable energy
    Linking renewable energy and
    charging EV by using BSS station
    as ESS

Electric tax club house

Providing convenient facilities of fast chargers, restaurant services, etc. that can be access conveniently

EV RENT establishment

BEGINS LTD., CO. investment, EV RENT establishment
- Introducing and operating new EV rental
- Linking with BEGINS LTD., CO. guarantees residual value