Electric Bus

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비긴스 배터리 교체 시스템(BSS)


Battery Li-Polymer(51kWh)
Invertor ELFA2 Inverter(DC3-650Wh)
BTM BusTerminal Module
DICO Drive Input Control
EVCU EV Control Unit
Drive Motor Rated 67kW
Auxiliarty Motor Rated 20kW
Roof Door Sliding/Hinged Type

BSS Station

  • High efficiency duplex fast charger(charging efficiency over 95%) with B2G technology that can backfeed electricity from charged battery to electrical grid
  • Energy demand management technology that links Electric bus battery and B2G technology
  • Power Conditioning System(PCS) technology for ESS that can use new and renewable energy

Battery Swapping Process and Technology of Device

Automatic battery swapping technology includes BSS station that links swapping control robot, vision system,
fast charger and etc. which automatically swaps discharged battery into charged battery

Electricity demand management using BSS station

  • 1. Linking used battery reusing business and Demand Response(DR) business to create profit and expanding business by re-investment
  • 2. By electricity demand contract of possible reducement and with instruction of Power Exchange, contracted electricity may be sold when needed by linking energy demand management business and DR business.

Storing electricity in BSS station battery / Reusing electric bus used battery Linking DR business

  • Using as ESS when Electric bus ends operating
  • Transmitting electricity from charged battery in BSS station to electrical grid
  • By contracting with DR company, Battery to Grid(B2G) technology that can perform energy demand management through duplex
    Power Conditioning System(PCS) in BSS station
  • Using demand management by charging battery at midnight with low price and supplying electricity at peak time

System Components

Swappable battery

  • Height 452mm, Weight ~760kg, Rated voltage
    602V High capacity lithium battery
  • Corner shock absorber design for outside impacts
  • Charging Life cycle 6,000 times

Total Operation Center(TOC) main functions

  • Total control of EV and charging Infrastructure
    Monitoring and managing EV(bus, taxi, rental car),
    charging infrastructure and its electricity use by basic
    control screen(Multivision)
  • EV control (bus/taxi/rental car)
    Functions real-time operation of EV and battery status
    management and control
  • BSS station control
    Functions battery swapping control and monitoring
    BSS (Battery Swapping System) station
  • EV charger control
    Functions types of operating management of EV(bus,
    taxi, rental car) chargers and managing & controlling
    charging condition by monitoring real-time condition
  • Battery status control
    Functions managing and controlling of total battery
    location and status(SOC, SOH, error, etc)
  • Error control
    Functions EV and charging infrastructure, battery status
    and error total management
  • MRO(Maintenance Repair and Overhaul)
    Management of EV and charging infrastructure component inspection and repair
  • Statistical analysis
    Functions business management and energy demand
    control by managing statistical analysis of collected data
    from EV and charging infrastructure

Real-time monitoring system

Total Operation Center(TOC) control structure


Basic control screen (PC/Multivision)

  • Map
  • Emergency status alarm
  • Searching route
  • Electric management status
  • BSS status
  • BUS status
  • Battery status
  • Charger status
  • Taxi/Rental car status

  • BSS
  • Bus
  • Battery
  • Charging
  • Error
  • Basic
  • User
  • MRO
  • History /